Any followers doing NaNoWriMo this year? Find me! I’m Gracie of Berk. :)

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FFFF01 // Futuristic Fashion Femme Fatales



Goetz Palace

The palace and park Goetz Okocimskich is located very close to the brewery Okocimski, founded in 1845 by a German who came to John the Evangelist Goetz (1815-1893). It was built in 1898 by his son John Albin Goetz Okocimski (1864-1931).



Peace in the woods

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I can’t wait to get a bit of my life back and can spend time actually drawing again. (I started this Tumblr just to post my art how weird is that)

Sketchbook doodle of Reece, a character from my book series, The Aurelian Archives.

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You’ll pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

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No matter his age, Lucious really was still just a boy. Most men were. —lmao i am 30 seconds into the 2nd aurelian archives book and i’m in love with scarlet’s inner monologue already (via lullabette)

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Guys…the book launch party is a month from today! That means Typhon hits shelves in 33ish days!

We’ll be doing a few fun promos leading up to the party, and maybe even a giveaway or two…because we can. To start, Courtney will be publishing a fanmix (can you call it a fanmix if it’s by the author? Oh well) for a different character every week leading up to the launch. This week, check out Nivy’s

1. Blinding (Instrumental) - Florence and The Machine

2. November was White, December was Grey - Say Hi

3. The Crow - Dessa

4. An End Has a Start - The Editors

5. Mowgli’s Road - Marina and The Diamonds

6. Time Lapse Lifeline - Maria Taylor

7. The Mess - The Naked and Famous

8. Grow- Rae Morris

9. Weight of Living, Pt. I - Bastille

10. Kettering - The Antlers

11. Feels Like Coming Home - Jetta

12. Mercury - Sleeping at Last

13. I’m Not Your Hero - Tegan and Sara

14. Where is My Mind - Yoav ft. Emily Browning


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